Get involved now!

The Foundation for Indigenous Medicine invites you to become a part of our movement and mission to support Indigenous Medicine People in the United States, Canada, Mexico and all around the world! What can you do to help our Indigenous Peoples?

  1. Donate now to our Foundation as a whole or to an individual project

  2. Contact us for projects where you could volunteer in the field or in or offices

  3. Tell us your story of personal healing through Indigenous Medicine

  4. Inspire others around you to roll up their sleeves and get involved

The time is now to do everything we can to help our planet and our people to heal. We believe Indigenous Medicine People have the power, the knowledge and the passion to best lead us into the future. Come along and join our collective movement as we forge a new kind of future together.

Blessings, Aho, and Namaste ~

Joni Siegel, Founder and President